The RecipeTools Recipe Formatting System

The basic RecipeTools recipe formatting system consists of the RecipeClips scripting system and NoteTab text editor.


RecipeClips itself is a NoteTab clip (script) library. It processes text files to produce a desired output. RecipeClips takes as input either OCR text files, files exported from RecipeFox, Ebooks, plain text files, files exported from other recipe managers, or email lists, and produces a standardized tagged text file. User options exist to control the final output format. Multiple output types are supported.


CB2CB is an optional program which can process the tagged text file produced by RecipeClips to produce MasterCook Mx2, Living Cookbook Fdx, or other output formats. RecipeClips produces MasterCook Mx2 files without requiring CB2CB.

Getting Started

To get started, download the Mandatory RecipeTools files. (Look on the left side.) You also need a current copy of NoteTab Pro, (the free NoteTab Lite version will not always work properly, but it will work for relatively simple cases). Please refer to the Setup menu section for installation details.


There are regular updates to the RecipeClips clip library, its support files and CB2CB. Check back here or watch your email for notices of updates.

Documentation for installing, configuring and using the RecipeClips system is available in the menu sections on the left for Set Up, How To, and Reference.

Other Tools

Other tools that are required or are useful to work with the RecipeClips system can be found from the External Tool Links menu section and the Optional Downloads section.

Other Resources

Please join the Yahoo RecipeTools group for email support, release announcements and general discussion of RecipeTools.

Donate to RecipeTools!

If you find the RecipeTools system useful, please consider a donation to help with development costs. Thank you!

Latest RecipeClips Files:

RecipeClips support files are stored on Microsoft's OneDrive. To get them, activate your OneDrive and use the link below.

RecipeClips Support Files

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RecipeTools Yahoo Group

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